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Jeep CJ Custom Wheels
Custom Wheels for Jeep CJ
15x10 5x139.7 Polished Wheels -44mm offset
Pacer 164P LT Mod Polished Wheels
Pacer 164P
LT Mod
Polished Wheels
164P LT Mod Polished
Size 15X10
Supplier # 164P-5185
Product # A101209
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~ Application Guide Disclaimer ~
This application guide serves as a reference guide only,
for professional installers. Information provided in this guide
is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Installer must
always physically check all fitments before and after installing
custom wheels and/or wheel and tire packages.
All wheels should be accurately test fitted
on both front and rear axles before mounting the tire.
Custom wheels that have been mounted cannot be returned.
Wayne's Wheels does not warranty, guarantee
or make any claims with respect to data provided in this guide
and cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages
or costs incurred as a result of using this application guide.
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