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Waynes Wheels is Your Chrome Rims & Custom Wheels Headquarters
Luxury Performance Custom Wheels, Chrome Alloy Rims & Performance Tires

Cragar S/S Chrome Wheels for Classic Muscle Cars
Cragar S/S Chrome Wheels for Classic Muscle Cars
Looking for Great Deals on Custom Wheels?
Custom truck wheels from Fuel Off-Road, Moto Metal
and Ultra Motorsports, custom wheels for cars, custom
wheel and tire packages, we have it! Top brands like
American Racing Wheels, Asanti Wheels, Boss
Motorsports, Centerline Wheels, Dub Wheels, Eagle
Alloys, Enkei Wheels, Foose Wheels, KMC Wheels,
Lexani Wheels, Verde Wheels and more. Wheel
specials on custom wheels, racing wheels, custom
wheels for trucks and SUVs. We offer the largest
selection of aftermarket wheels to choose from and
we ship your custom wheels direct to you. If you're
looking for custom car wheels from American Racing
Wheels or custom wheels for Harley Davidson, call
us now! We also have custom wheels center caps
and accessories for many hard to find custom wheels
and rims. We're a leader in the custom wheels market
offering luxury custom chrome wheels to exotic custom
rims and tires.
New TSW Circuit Gunmetal Black Alloy Wheels
New TSW Circuit
Gunmetal Black Alloy Wheels
Incredible Custom Wheel Deals to Save You Money!
New KMC KM702 Wheels Available Now!
KMCKM702 Satin Black Milled Wheels
Satin Black
20x8.5, 22x9, 24x9.5
KMC KM702 Satin Gray Milled Wheels
Satin Gray
20x8.5, 22x9, 24x9.5

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Over 350 Popular Custom Wheel Brands to Choose From, at Affordable Prices,
Wayne's Wheels Makes it E-Z to Enhance Your Vehicle's Appearance & Performance.
Wayne's Wheels Makes it E-Z to Get Your Custom Wheels On.
New DPR AK-47 SS Matte Black Wheels Bullet 1 New Platinum Allure for Chevy Colorado
Bullet 2 New Center Line Alloy Wheels
Bullet 3 Giovanna Caracas 26 inch matte black
Bullet 4 DV-8 Off Road Wheels
Bullet 5 Bushwacker Fender Flares
Bullet 6 Moto Metal MO970 with custom Candy Green Tint
Bullet 7 New Mandrus Alloy Wheels
Bullet 8 Asanti Luxury Alloy Wheels
Bullet 9 Current Custom Wheel Deals
Bullet 10 Return Policys and Procedures

Asanti ABL-1 Black Label Wheels for BMW
Asanti ABL-1 Black Label Wheels for BMW
Waynes Wheels Offers Popular Top Name Brand Custom Wheels Including:
Exotic Multi-Piece Luxury Alloy Wheels for High-End Automobiles
Worx 809 Rebel Wheels on 2016 Chevrolet Colorado
Worx 809 Rebel Wheels on 2016 Chevrolet Colorado
Truck Wheels and Off-Road Wheels for Lifted or Stock Applications
Affordable Low-Cost Chrome Rims and Custom Wheels

Waynes Wheels, Chrome Rims, Custom Wheels by American Racing Wheels
Asanti Wheels, Cragar Wheels, KMC Wheels, Lexani

The Hottest Custom Wheels - Best Custom Wheel Deals!
Welcome to Wayne's Wheels, the web site for the serious
automotive enthusiasts! CUSTOM WHEELS is what this
site is all about and we've got lots of them to choose from.
Located in Garden Grove, CA., Wayne’s Wheels has
custom wheels to fit almost anything that rolls. Chrome rims
from American Racing, Dub, Enkei, Giovanna, Helo, KMC,

Lexani, MHT, Moto Metal, Niche and more. Wheel and tire
packages with performance tires by Cooper Tires, Goodyear
Tires, Kumho Tires, Nitto Tires, Pirelli Tires, Sumitomo Tires,
Toyo Tires, Yokohama Tiresand more.
Click the Wheels button to visit Wayne's Wheels best selection
of custom wheels on the web.
Fuel Gripper MT Tires
Fuel Gripper MT Tires
Call us now for more great wheel deals! 714-892-2210
Check our huge selection of American Racing Wheels, Asanti Wheels, Boss Chrome Rims,
Chip Foose Classics, Cragar Wheels, Diamo Luxury Alloys, Driv off-road truck rims, Dub
Spinners and Spinnning Wheels, Dubs Wheels, Eagle Alloy Wheels, Enkei Wheels, Giovanna
Luxury Alloys, Lexani Wheels, Lowenhart Wheels, Moto Metal Wheels, Ultra Wheels, Weld
Wheels, Cooper Tires, Goodyear Tires, Nitto Mud Grapplers truck tires, and Pirelli Ultra High
Performance Tires and automotive accessories.
Wayne’s Wheels is the Best Place to Buy Your New Custom Wheels and Performance Tires.
Tires and rims, rims and tires, wheels and tires, tires and wheels
However you want it, Wayne's Wheels can put together your new
Wheel and Tire Packages for:
Bullet 1 Camaro Custom Wheel and Tire Packages 
Bullet 2 Chrysler 300 Custom Wheel and Tire Packages 
Bullet 3 Jeep Custom Wheel and Tire Packages 
Bullet 4 Lexus Custom Wheel and Tire Packages 
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